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healing the creative process, because creativity flourishes in whole systems, and making something is an expression of love

Welcome to Moon Tools. We’re so glad you’re here. We have created this for you. We believe that creativity is a force in life, an element. Often when people talk about creativity, they are referring to painting, dance, music or film. Here, we are talking about any act of creation, including creating a new habit, a gathering of people, a baby, a relationship. Moon Tools isn’t a prescribed list of things to do; it’s a support system, like ley-lines.

I liked the gentleness and encouragement being held and creating the space for that. Thank you for your support and sweetness and teaching.
— LB, fiber artist

When we talk about the creative process, we are not just talking about "art," we see so much of life as a creative process, whether it is developing a personal practice, starting a new hobby, bringing a life into the world, building a relationship, finding your professional work path, and so on. Creating as a way of honoring life, honoring the place where ideas come from, where life comes from. The creative process is a force of nature that is part of life. Your wellness and freedom is connected to your creativity process. We miss out on so much beauty and innovation in the world when people get stuck in their process. Moon Tools is a holistic set of tools, made of six aspects—primal sequence, creative process, body experience, lunar cycles, the Moon Angels Oracle deck, and resources—to help you work through blocks, challenges and fear, and support you to feel inspired, free and joyful in your creative process.

I had 20+ years of analysis/therapy and use it all the time but no one has ever put together the 5 phases so succinctly and effectively, and connection to birth/babyhood. This was just great, I am really excited about using the process!
— CC, graphic designer, painter
I found out that the problems I have with the creative process are common and solvable! Elsa and Rebekah are awesome!
— SJH, sculptor, activist and community organizer
I love how the material is universal and how it can be applied to everything.
— JB, visual artist and student